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Elle | Kole Interiors is a full-service interior design studio serving the greater
Flathead Valley, Tobacco Valley and Northwest Montana. Both as interior designers and business partners, creative duo, Ellie Sandler and Nihcole Petersen's highest goal is to design spaces around functionality that also create sanctuary, refresh your soul and provide aesthetical appeal.

Our Design Philosophy

Design, to us, is much more than beautiful items tastefully placed in our homes or even stunning architecture highlighting the nuance and grandeur of the elements they are created from. Design is about the ATMOSPHERE it creates. We believe that the spaces we surround ourselves with deeply impact and hold meaning for our inner lives. The homes where we spend our days --- our snuggle time with loved ones, our play and enjoyment time with friends --- should be not only beautiful but comfortable and functional. Most of all, our desire is to create the ATMOSPHERES that speak life to your soul while bringing ease to your daily routines.

Interior design cannot be accomplished successfully through only one or a few elements, but an aesthetic that is well executed through all elements of the space. As the design builds upon itself through the architecture and selections, it becomes more transcendent, connecting and embodying the personality of the client, ultimately transforming a house into a home or a empty space into a business set up for success with depth and character.

Designing with your delight in mind...

- Ellie & Nihcole


Our Services

Residential & Commercial Interior Design

Furnishing & Finishes Selection

Remodeling Design

The Ritz Montana
Big Mountain Condo
The Electric Bungalow

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