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Meet Nihcole & Ellie

Our Design Journeys

Nihcole interior designer


Born and raised in Northwest Montana, and a 5th generation Montanan, Nihcole has a deep appreciation for the local surroundings, natural landscapes and diversity that is represented through those elements. Creativity and hard work flow through her blood and were a key attribute in how she began her career as a lighting designer, where she dedicated the first decade of her career. Through that experience, Nihcole has embodied an appreciation not only for interior design aesthetics, but functionality and scale, finding balance between beauty and function in all the spaces she designs. Nihcole has rounded out her professional design and project management experience through working with and for other design firms and custom builders.

When Nihcole is not working hard she is playing hard with her 2 girls - enjoying all that this little corner of Northwest Montana (aka Paradise) has to offer. Hunting, fishing, camping, skiing and playing on the water are their favorite hobbies.

Nihcole delights in bringing her client's dreams and ideas to life through the spaces they live or work in, creating harmonious spaces where memories are made. After 15 years in the design industry, Nihcole is excited to partner and open her first design studio: Elle | Kole Interiors.

Ellie interior designer


Having grown up as the daughter of a furniture designer, constantly in her father's shop and surrounded by the beauty of homes that he would place his finely crafted pieces in, Ellie fell in love with all things HOME from a very early age. Even as a young girl, she would rearrange the furniture in her room, redecorate, sew curtains and pillows and constantly look to reimagine her childhood space. In her teens, Ellie apprenticed as a floral designer and later grew her skills into a wedding designer/planner and floral design business.


After attending college for music education, Ellie fell into a job in graphic design and taught herself how to design beautiful print materials. With all these avenues of design in her background, Ellie always knew her true focus and passion was in the interior design field. She attended the Interior Design Institute for a formal education in Interior Design and has taken all her past experience and folded it into what is now her most favorite design role of all: Partner/Owner & Designer at Elle |Kole Interiors.

Ellie is a native Montanan and loves the beauty of mixing elements of nature into her designs as well as drawing from these surroundings when sourcing materials and inspiration. Her enjoyments outside of designing are time with her children (2 boys and a girl) and pets (a puppy and 2 bunnies),  yearly glamping excursions with her girlfriends, cross country skiing, hiking, cycling, adventures and peaceful time at home.

We can't wait to hear from you and bring your next project to life!

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